Dual Master: Working and Studying in One

Dual Master: Working and Studying in One

Go straight to work after completing a bachelor’s degree? Or maybe add a master? Why is it? With a dual Master, you have the best of your studies and career.

Study or job? Both!

Those who can not decide for themselves whether a master’s degree or direct job entry is the better way for the future should consider a dual master’s degree. With a dual master’s program, you can kill two birds with one stone, because it’s a combination of study and job.

Dual Master and dual Bachelor do not differ in principle: theory and practice alternate. Studying at a university gives you theoretical knowledge, which you then put into practice in the company.

The division of the dual study depends on the university: The most common is the model, in which theory and practice are divided into separate blocks. But it is also possible that you study at the university a few days a week and some work in the company.

An almost normal study

A dual Master is as full a degree as a normal full-time Master. Just as in the full-time model, the dual master is consecutively oriented, meaning that it is based on a subject-specific Bachelor’s degree. However, the professional competences acquired in the course of study are combined with practical work experience in the company.

Even otherwise, the dual master is fundamentally structured like the full-time master. It usually takes four semesters, sometimes one semester shorter, and ends with a master’s thesis. Normally, this should have a relation to the company in which you work.

Dual is coming

In contrast to the dual bachelor program, the dual master model is not yet widespread. That’s why the range of courses and companies is still quite limited. In the technology, business and social sectors, the dual master has so far been offered most frequently.

The need for qualified employees with work experience is constantly increasing, so it is to be expected that more and more industries and universities will offer a dual master in the future. Since the model offers many advantages for both students and companies, it is also expected that the offer will be expanded.