How Does a Term Paper Looks Like

Structure of a Term Paper

It’s almost end of the school term, and you can already sniff the next project that’s about to befall you. A term Paper…Well, let’s start by understanding what it entails. It is usually assigned towards the end of a term, and it is meant to assess whether a student was able to grasp what they were taught throughout the term. So, how do you structure a winning term paper? Let’s study the elements discussed below to answer the question:

  • Outline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list


An outline acts as a framework where you list your ideas and arrange how the points should follow each other when structuring your term paper. It is the first task to carry out whenever assigned to write a term paper, and it is vital because it enables learners to jot down key learning points right from the beginning of a term till end term.


Like all other essays, when introducing the reader to your term paper, attempt to capture their attention at first glance when they read your intro. Some great ways to keep them interested is to pose a relevant question or by using a famous quote. This section if crafted well, can keep readers engaged to your paper, but if poorly done, you are bound to lose them. Therefore, try to think of creative ways to capture their attention from the onset of your paper.


This section enables writers to show their prowess in structure, grammar and creativity. For starters, each paragraph should introduce a different idea while maintaining at most four sentences. Dependant on the length of your paper, you could either break your text into paragraphs for a short essay and sub-topics for a lengthy report. Second, your ideas should be presented systematically, beginning with the most significant.


Are you aware of the magnitude that a conclusion paragraph carries? Well, this section is meant to provide a summary of your term paper’s parameters. So, why does it carry soo much weight? The answer is time. Note that many readers are pressed on time and may not manage to read your entire essay hence resort to peruse through your conclusion to get an idea of what the term paper is all about. Therefore, when writing your conclusion attempt to highlight all your major points briefly but skillfully such that anyone reading that part of your paper can tell what the essay covers.

Reference list

While creating a bibliography for your term paper, you ought to be keen to only use one formatting style whether APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard. While citing your references, ensure you adhere to all the guidelines of the format style you are using. Note that the arrangement should be chronological.


Remember that this paper is graded as a double unit due to its impact on your studies. Therefore, students must start preparing for it in advance even before being tasked to do it. Early planning helps students form a framework of how to layout the paper while capturing all important facts that they learnt throughout the term.

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