How Write Term Paper: Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts to Follow When Writing a Term Paper

A high scoring term paper will discuss in details about the subject matter. Reliable references will also be added to give content credibility. However, there is more on how to write term paper. Considering these does and don’ts works to ensure that the term paper submitted is as per the current academic standards.


Any student assigned to write a term paper must start early to avoid the last-minute rush, which can result in submitting content with errors or worse you might get overwhelmed and fail to meet the required word count.

A term paper contributes largely to the end of the semester grade. Thus if you wish to get a high score and impress the teacher with your writing skills and opinion, you must submit a high-quality, flawless paper. So do the paper early enough to get ample time to reread the guidelines, edit, and ensure your content is perfect.

Formatting your term paper the correct way is another crucial factor to consider, and one that has to be added on your checklist. Remember, there are several different citation styles from MLA, APA, Chicago, IEEE, OSCOLA, AMA, etc.

The format to use depends on the course and a professor’s preference. Whatever referencing style you are required to use, ensure the in text citation and bibliography meet the rules in the current edition.

Correctly referencing your term paper not only gives your argument weight but also reduces the chances of plagiarism and shows that you understand the academic writing rules.

Another must-have statement to add to your checklist is to always start with an outline before writing. An outline acts as a map on how to write term paper and ensure all the main points are covered. It also gives you a structure to allow the information to flow smoothly by arranging all the key points in their ideal paragraphs.

During the preplanning process, you need an outline written in the correct order, but you can also change it based on any new information gathered. One item to include in the outline is a thesis statement placed at the end of the introductory section. It should be a single sentence and make a debatable stand.

Most successful students formulate a thesis by turning the term paper question into a statement. They then refine it to match the direction of the term paper.

Do set ample time aside to proofread the term paper thoroughly. A thorough review involves checking the content for errors and ensuring it is free of plagiarism. You can use a modern plagiarism checker to ensure your work is 100% unique.


When it comes to writing a term paper that results in a high score, here is what students should not do.

  • Failing to base the research on credible recent sources that adds logic.
  • When you fail to base your research on scholarly material, then your term paper becomes less authentic.
  • Failing to stay relevant and within the subject under discussion.

Do not get carried away and write past the requested word count. This can make it hard to cut out the unnecessary sections, especially if you a short on time.

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