Transition from Bachelor to Master studies: The checklist

Transition from Bachelor to Master studies: The checklist

In the penultimate semester before graduation piles up on most of the piles to be settled. Also the to-do lists regarding the master are constantly filled with reminder notes. So that you still keep the overview and at the transition from Bachelor to Master nothing goes wrong, we have a checklist for you.

Good time management for master preparation

  1. Observe the examination regulations

For a good overview you should at the latest in the penultimate semester check whether all services have been registered or note down, which are still outstanding, so you end up experiencing no nasty surprise and the study program change is in danger. In addition, it makes sense to write down all the modules with the number of events to be attended in order to be able to see at a glance how many seminars and lectures are still to come.

  1. Planning: observe deadlines!

One semester at the latest before graduation you should think about which subjects you would like to study in the master’s degree. Because the NC subjects are generally subject to a registration period, which is endowed three to four months before the end of the semester. For admission-free you can, however, still enroll shortly before the semester. It is important to note that you have to re-apply for each Master and even with the same university and subject combination no automatic transition after obtaining the Bachelor degree and payment of the semester fee.

  1. Prefer Master Courses

Students who do not change to university will have the option of having a certain number of master’s courses if they have enough ECTS credits. This makes sense especially if there are only a few bachelor’s seminars left in the last semester. Because either the study time of the master can be shortened or the stress in the last master’s semester can be prevented.

  1. BA thesis registration – topic search – choice of lecturer

Early enough you should think about the Bachelor thesis. Because the time in the last semester passes faster than you think, and thus the deadline for the Bachelor’s work application is approaching. While the topic does not need to be finalized at the time of enrollment, lecturers must also be chosen in relation to the topic. In addition, it should be noted that some instructors have certain requirements to take over the correction. For example, this may be at least one written paper submitted to the lecturer within a seminar he has given. In addition, there are certain guidelines regarding the academic degree to which the two correctors must be selected.

  1. Create schedule

In order to ensure that there is no transition into the Master, you should also inform yourself soon enough about the processing and correction time of the Bachelor thesis and accordingly plan the start and deadline. For some degree programs there is also an oral defense after the bachelor work, which also has to take place within the last Bachelor’s semester.

  1. Correcting the Bachelor thesis

In some universities, the lecturers are granted a correction time of the bachelor thesis over several months. In order not to let this time pass uselessly, it makes sense to inform yourself at the beginning of the last Bachelor’s semester about the period in order to be able to plan specifically. For example, applicants can apply in advance for internships in order to complete the compulsory internship for the Master or a voluntary job-orientated internship during the correction period.

Transition from Bachelor to Master: Check the financial position prior to the Master’s program

  1. Funding of the Master’s program by BAföG

In order to continue seamlessly between the change of study course, an application has to be submitted at the latest in the first month of the master’s program which, among other things, contains a certificate of enrollment for the master’s program and a certificate from the university confirming the passing of all examinations of the bachelor’s program. It can also be an advantage to ask this one month in advance. Because if one month lies between the date of the last Bachelor examination and the start of the Master program, there will be a financial support during this period.

  1. Health and care insurance from 25 years

For some students, due to their age in the transitional period from Bachelor to Master, this is also an issue. The following applies: After reaching the age of 25, every student studying at a state or state-recognized university must take out insurance themselves. So it ends the free family insurance and now it is up to the students to decide whether they want to insure themselves legally or privately.

  1. Child benefit in the master’s program

Master’s students who are not yet 25 years of age still receive. However, as in the bachelor’s program, no more than 20 hours per week may be worked alongside the studies, otherwise the entitlement to child benefit is waived. For students over the age of 25, however, this only applies in a few exceptional cases. These could be:

Legislative military service or civilian service was provided in advance

Voluntary military service for max. three years was completed

Activity as a development worker, which led to the liberation of the basic military or civil service, was perpetrated

The duration of one of these activities after the age of 25 influences the period, which is further financed by child allowance. However, since compulsory military service no longer exists since 1 July 2011, no voluntary military service or federal voluntary service can be claimed as a reason for further payment of the child benefit after this date.